Friday, 1 January 2010

M/M Interview with Doug Ordway

Image of Alexis in Versace Uomo Couture. Corso di Porto Genova 21 Milano, Italia.....JUNE 07th, 2009 shot exclusively Manner of Man Magazine by Doug Ordway. Photo copyright: Doug Ordway. All rights reserved.

Interview with fashion photographer Doug Ordway conducted by Nicola Linza in Milan, Italy during June 2009.

It always amazes yet in a reassuring sense never fails me that the most talented, fashionable, hippest, beautiful people with the purest and finest personalities are always the most exciting, trustworthy, and honest. Those are the truly attractive people I enjoy being around. I get energy from their energy, we share energy, and it is all good. I appreciate these friends for their brilliant vision and their sharp opinions, which are always cut-throat straight. You can ask them about anything and you will always get an honest answer, a clear picture of it all.

I like the metaphor of a clear picture because I hold a serious interest in photography. I have had the privilege of knowing a few superstar photographers. I have been photographed by a few and have a passion for collecting their best works. The super legends in the field of photography are far and few in-between, because that level of talent is equally rare. One photographer who happens to be a major fashion industry star, who has worked with the legendary Bruce Weber and today with many of the top designers is the same man responsible for the fantastic and always stunning Versace campaigns. I have the honour of calling this man my personal friend, he is photographer Doug Ordway.

I could sit and give Doug a drawn out biography, but for sake of argument all I am going to disclose is that we share a number of interests, especially when it comes to classic rock (Led Zeppelin.) We also share a passion for deep philosophy, quality in life, and neither of us do anything in a typical, middle of the road, fashion. So w
hen I asked Doug to do this interview (yes, smack in the middle of Fashion Week) we knew we had to do something unique and off the cuff due to time. We threw a few ideas around and I said to him, “I have got it! I will simply ask you the classic Who, What, Where, When, and Why. You fill in the blanks” he liked the idea, as much as I did, and that is how we rolled with it. So the Who, What, Where, When, and Why of Doug Ordway you will find it below. Enjoy.

WHO: Just some rock and roll kid from a small town in New Jersey that some how ended up in this crazy fashion bizz. I never aspired to do this….didn’t dress up dolls and take their picture as a kid! LOL…I did know I always wanted to travel and see the world, knowing there was so much more out there that New Jersey didn’t offer. Where I grew up, you were considered successful if you graduated college and got a decent paying job at the local ATT Corporate Headquarters. I just knew there had to be more to life than that. Moving to New York City (just an hour away) was considered adventurous….moving to Europe wasn’t even really considered an option. And earning a living being a Fashion Photographer was not even a consideration.

WHAT: The love for imagery. Trying to bring out the beauty in everything you see. This is something that was taught to me by the great Mr. Bruce Weber. This man has a true talent to bring out the beauty in everything he sees. Working for him for 4 years, gave me the ability to do this. Working with him was not a schooling in technical knowledge, but more so the knowledge in how to live life, and see beauty in it all!

WHERE:For me where I am is inspiring. As a photographer, where you live, where you spend time, what you do, what you see…..all adds to the photographs that you take. Inspiration is pulled from ever day life. Change of location means change in your style of photos. The photos I take when I was living in New York City are very different from the photos that I take now living in Milano. The culture, the people, the way of life…..all adds to the type of images that I take.

WHEN:In the words of the one & only Robert Plant/Led Zeppelin in Ramble On “Now’s the time the time is now”. This man knew what he was talking about! Sitting back and hoping that things will come to you never seems to work. If you really want it, you have to go out and get it. People will always tell you that you can’t, silence those people and do what YOU feel is right! You have to believe in yourself & take risks into the unknown. Every time I’ve gone into the unknown, there has been only success and gratification!

WHY: Having the need to express something. Wanting people to see what I see. Showing who I am through the images that I take. I get a certain rush when I take photos. The adrenaline starts to pump and when its really great a tingle threw my entire bod! That’s what its all about, the feeling that you get inside when you can truly express the creativity you have within. So why not!

Doug Ordway Photography

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