Tuesday, 15 June 2010

M/M The Five Principles Presented by HRH The Prince of Wales

Manner of Man supports the five principles
presented by HRH The Prince of Wales:

"Firstly, recognition that sustainability actually means building for the long-term – one hundred years, rather than twenty years;

Secondly, because of this, it is worth building in an adaptable and flexible manner, reassessing and re-using existing buildings wherever possible;

Thirdly, it is worth building in a manner that fits the place, in terms of materials used, proportion and layouts and climate, ecology and building practices;

Fourthly, it is worth building beautifully, in a manner that builds upon tradition, evolving it in response to present challenges and utilising present day resources and techniques;

And, finally, it is worth understanding the purpose of a building, or group of buildings, within the hierarchy of the buildings around it and responding with an appropriate building type and design. Doing this often implies the composition of a harmonious whole, rather than the erection of singular objects of architectural or corporate will which merely panders to ego-centric imperatives. "

A speech by HRH The Prince of Wales at the New Buildings in Old Places Conference at St James's Palace, London
31st January 2008

The Prince of Wales http://www.princeofwales.gov.uk/