Sunday, 31 January 2010

M/M An Overcoat with The Darkness of Sin

Image of an antique postcard as shown by James Fallows, The Atlantic. Private collection.

by Nicola Linza

I plan to order a bespoke overcoat, but not the normal type of which I have too many. I plan to commission one that takes the idea of long coat way back in time, which to me is very forward thinking. The above image is my inspiration.

I want the design of my coat based on the antique postcard shown above. It will be in the finest black Italian camel hair, a Tsiomoliet, the Medieval fabric of camel hair and silk which in the turn of the 15th c was frequently used for royal garments for everyday use at the court of Wladislaw II Jagiello.

My new black overcoat will be lined with an oxblood red shag silk lining. The discreet black exterior combined with the dark red lining creates the perfect symbolism of blood with the darkness of sin.