Monday, 29 March 2010

M/M Interview with Matthew Sandager

Images provided to Manner of Man by Matthew Sandager. All rights reserved.

1. What is it about photography that you find appealing?

Photography is the ultimate way of seeing. I can frame anything the way I want in order to completely control what is in the frame, or what I choose to exclude. I love the control that I have over so many things from the lighting to the framing and of course the subject matter, but what I also love about photography is letting all that go and finding things with the lens that you didn't see, letting things surprise me and accepting the changes. So it is both control and giving up control that I like about photography.

2. Who would be (or would have been, if deceased) your ideal client or booking?

Ideally it is best to work with people you get along with and who you can communicate ideas well to each other, so it could be a great/rich/cool/etc. client but if it wasn't a good collaboration it probably wouldn't be the best experience. That being said, I'll just say Levi's.

3. When you are selecting a male model, what do you look for?

Versatility is the most important, the ability to have different looks, which sounds kind of ridiculous but is actually so rare, so beyond being good looking, a great model needs to really do some work.

4. Where has your favourite location been to date?

Shooting on a rainy day in Malibu and making it look like a beautiful grey east coast spring day. But then again, I like shooting on any beach.

5. Why do you do what you do?

See answer #1.