Tuesday, 8 June 2010

M/M Interview with Jeremy Hackett

Image of Jeremy Hackett provide by Hackett, London. All rights reserved.

Interview with Jeremy Hackett conducted by Cristoffer Neljesjö and Nicola Linza in London during June 2010

How would you describe your personal style?

In a word Classic ...but hopefully not old-fashioned.

Where do you find inspiration for new designs?

I have been regularly scouring the markets and routing out vintage clothes for more than thirty years, and I always manage to find something to draw inspiration from them.

How often do you follow the different rules in classic style, and how important do you think they are?

think that like most men we enjoy the rules and rituals of dressing; it is the basis from which we can then add our own touch of individuality and personality.

What do you think men should think about when buying a suit?

Buying a suit is an investment so I think one should buy the best one can afford. The fit of the shoulder is one of the most important aspects of a suit, and care should be taken with sleeve lengths because nothing looks worse than sleeves than hang down to the knuckles it upsets the whole balance of the suit. One must also make sure that the trousers are not worn so long that they crumple onto your shoes.

Apart from Hackett, where do you buy your suits?

I have all my suits made at Hackett, although I do have a couple of vintage numbers purchased from the market.

If you could go back to any era, which would it be? Moreover, why would you prefer that particular era?

To be honest I am perfectly happy with the 21st century ...this way I can look back on the decades through rose tinted glasses.

It is 1970 we are meeting up at a party that Luchino Visconti is having in Rome. What are you wearing? In addition, whom do you want to meet?

I would wear a plum velvet jacket white voile shirt and white jeans with black Gucci loafers, no socks. Of course, I would like to meet the man himself and the star of several of his films Dirk Bogarde an incredibly stylish man and a real gentleman with a waspish sense of humour. (I served Dirk Bogarde on several occasions in our Sloane St shop until his death in London.)

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