Friday, 11 June 2010

M/M Interview with Domenico Vacca

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Nicola Linza and Cristoffer Neljesjö had the privilege to exclusively interview Domenico Vacca of Domenico Vacca during June 2010 in New York

Your grandmother, recognized as one of the finest tailors in Southern Italy, how did she influence your life and taste?

She influenced my life and taste very much. I grew up on tailor tables, touching fabrics, watching beautiful creations coming alive. Her attention to details, her knowledge of fabrics and draping are still strongly printed in my mind.

It was an amazing time.

My father influenced my taste very much as well. He had amazing taste and he was one of the best-dressed men that I have ever known. His wardrobe still inspires my men's collections.

Before your brand who of the past do you consider to be the most important figure for men in terms of influence and quality?

The tailors from my home town. The tailors from the South of Italy school. There is not and there has never been anybody in men's fashion worthy of notice.

Fashion has been for years only for women.

Small tailor shops in London and the South of Italy are the only reference in good sartorial men's clothes.

Domenico Vacca reflects pure quality and charisma, how do you work to maintain the brand image for the future?

Imposing our taste level and not compromising on quality.

It is too easy to go..."Commercial" in fashion.

We are committed to make the finest clothing and accessories in the world...period.

Everything we make is at the highest level possible. We challenge ourselves everyday. We study our competitors and we make sure what we make is years and years ahead in craftsmanship, fit and fabrics compared to everyone else.

We have being the luxury brand that makes real luxury...and many look up to us for that...and it is our mission not to disappoint anybody, our clients and our...competitors as well.

Who do you wear yourself both for main clothing and accessories?

I wear....Domenico Vacca...I wear clothes and accessories most often from my latest collections.Today I am casual and I am wearing  the "Jeremy", named after my friend Jeremy Piven, from my new jeans collection just launched two weeks ago, a white hand made shirt with double button collar, a linen and wool royal blue jacket with peak lapels and patch pockets, a two color alligator belt, brown and black, my favorite DV watch, crono with red alligator face and strap, and chocolate brown alligator loafers.

What do you think of the flood of so-called “Street Style” where anyone grabs a camera and becomes a so-called blogger often without discretion or an eye for quality?

This is a good question. Not very excited about that. Streets sometimes generate interesting ideas and they are very rare. I believe that we should bring style to the "streets" instead of looking for style in the "streets". I believe that whoever works in fashion and has knowledge of style and fashion has a duty to help people to dress better. Americans are eating better and exercise more. David Barton says: "look better naked". I think that they still need to put some effort in looking better...dressed.

There are so many style blogs today how do you select your media?

My publicist does that for me. The goal is to be part of blogs that have a good reputation and an audience that is truly passionate about fashion and that is eager to know more about fashion.

Where do you reside during vacations, how do you spend your time and what do you wear?

I spend my vacation in the Mediterranean. Mainly Italy, in my hometown area, in lovely towns as Andria, Trani, Bari, beautiful towns that tourists are discovering now. I spend time also in Positano near Naples, in Portocervo, in Sardinia and in the South of France. I try to wear as much linen as possible when I am on vacation! Linen shirts, pants, jackets, slippers...sometime with a worn out pair of jeans. I try to rest, read a book, keep up with the news, go swimming and get new ideas for future collections. I like to walk through the narrow streets of resort villages and on the beach. I also try to play tennis and go horse back riding with my wife, my son and my son's girlfriend...and I try to spend time with my friends in my hometown that I have known for 40 years.

Favorite man in history to wear your clothes and why?

Few of them come to my mind. Likely enough of our clients must have taste and style in order to understand and wear our clothes. The ones that come to my mind now are Jeremy Piven who understands quality and wears my clothes with the right style and...attitude...also John Malkovich, we just did his wardrobe for his role in Transformer 3. Definitely, Denzel Washington and Forest Whitaker understand and wear our clothes the way they should be worn.

It is 1970 and we are meeting up at a party that Luchino Visconti is having in Rome. What are you wearing? In addition, whom do we want to meet?

You are now talking about one of my favorite directors. if in the summer and at a formal affair I would wear a white double breast silk tuxedo with a double button white shirt, no tie, if less formal a dark black linen suit with a crisp linen white shirt and a silver tie.

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