Thursday, 12 August 2010

M/M Interview with Michael Jondral

Image courtesy of Michael Jondral provided for exclusive use. All rights reserved.

This exclusive interview with Michael Jondral was conducted by Nicola Linza and Cristoffer Neljesjö in Hannover August 2010

Is classic style timeless?
Of course it is! All things classic are -per definition- of timeless style. The question then should be: What is "Classic" in menswear? And what is not-or: no my shop we´re trying to define these standards again every season.

If you could select one item of clothing or accessories as the most important to a man what would it be? 
His wristwatch (I prefer a 28 year old steel Rolex Airking,) and his shoes (I prefer the shoes of Saint Crispin´s - best in the world). Like oxygen!

How did you come into being in the business of menswear? 
Fashion is my passion since i was a kid. But not as in "love playing with dolls"! One day i started my training at my favorite menswear store, which happened to be one of Germany´s leading addresses then. I sticked with them for 23 years until I founded my own company three years ago. Of course, with my beloved wife Bettina. She´s my inspiration...

And, how would you describe your style?
Classic with a twist. I learned a lot from my friends in Napoli...

What do you think men should wear this fall?
In this season, for me it´s very important to mix the classic with a few part of casual. For example a unlined striped flannel suit with shirtsleeve together with a cashmere tie and and gilet in scottish cashmere (all together from Cesare Attolini;) or a Herringbone double-faced jacket in cashmere (also from Cesare Attolini) with a turtleneck cardigan in washed cashmere from the beautiful knitwear company Fedeli. For the casual part, in shoes the new line Zonkey Boot from Michael Rollig, the founder of Saint-Crispin´s. But the most important inspiration is to always have the best in QUALITY!

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