Wednesday, 6 October 2010

M/M Interview with Arnaud Bamberger

Image of Arnaud Bamberger provided by Cartier. All rights reserved.

This exclusive interview with Arnaud Bamberger, UK Executive Chairman, Cartier was conducted by Nicola Linza and Cristoffer Neljesjö in London October 2010

How would you describe your personal style?

My style is classical, with a little french flair. The palette of my wardrobe is simple - blues, greys, whites... I inject a little personal twist in the finishing touches, a flash colour with an Hermes tie or silk handkerchief, my vintage Cartier bracelets ...

Cartier is legendary for innovation and fine design but moreover the marketing has been selective and of the highest order - how do you plan new campaigns?

For a Maison such as Cartier, the message of quality, authenticity and know-how has always been at the core of our communication. Cartier has a highly recognisable style and which has over time become identifiable by our icons. These icons are the foundations of the Maison's style and our campaigns will evolve using modern settings and playing with contemporary codes.

Contemporary art while often a one-trick pony, has provided the few items that work, that tend to be very powerful and meaningful. Would you say that is very much like jewellery and accessory design? And the reason that Cartier and Contemporary presentations have worked well together because of the balanced refinement inherent in the combined showings?

We certainly hope that our Jewellery creations are not considered one trick ponies... I certainly hope not. Our jewellery and watch designs have really lasted a lifetime - take the Tank watch for example - a Maison classic that dates back to WW1 and a design that has continuously evolved over the past 90 years. You must remember that Cartier is a dynamic Maison which, after 160 years is still lead by its creativity and inspiration - a Maison that is in perpetual motion. The fine balance in our creations comes from the combination of tradition, innovation, elegance and exclusivity.

What is the sexiest item of a businessman's uniform?

Monogram initials in a custom shirt - the devil is in the detail.

Where do you reside during vacations and how do you spend your time?

With my family in Mykonos - taking photographs.

What is genuine luxury to you?
Genuine luxury to me is something rare. In my case this is the luxury of Time.

It is 1970 and we are meeting in Rome for a private party hosted by Luchino Visconti. What are you wearing? In addition, whom do you want to meet?

White suit, open shirt, mocassins. Who do I want to meet? I prefer to wait for the surprise.....

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