Tuesday, 21 December 2010

M/M Interview with Bruce Hulse

Image of Bruce Hulse provided for exclusive use. All rights reserved.

This exclusive interview with iconic male model Bruce Hulse was conducted by Nicola Linza and Cristoffer Neljesjö in Los Angeles, California during December 2010

How did you start in the business?

Was discovered lifeguarding by Bruce Weber in a small NJ beach town Avalon, NJ.

What was it like in the 1980s working with Bruce Weber for such fashion icons as Calvin Klein?

The 80's were the beginning of the modern era of Male Modeling so they were pretty exciting times. You could go from being a complete unknown to the cover of GQ (yes, male models did grace the cover) and become an overnight model sensation.

Describe your regular daily wardrobe routine.

I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy, and as I dont have a job that I have to get dressed up for, it is pretty simple some days I spend in my surf baggies and bare feet. Love that!

The standard for male models in some markets has loosened greatly in the past 25 years. Do you think the male image is being well represented today?

Yes I love the diverse looks and racial mixes that represent the modern male. I like the fact there is no one generic look but everything from a classic WASP look to a skate rat bohemian look. Confidence and inner presence always trumps fashion trends.

If you had to change anything about your life what would it be?

Nothing really. Just trying to keep evolving as a person, father, husband, and friend.

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