Monday, 21 March 2011

M/M A New Day by Luciano Barbera

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A New Day

Written by Luciano Barbera for Manner of Man Magazine.

Just woken up.

I see my mountains through the window. There’s still a lot of snow : springtime has yet to come.

“I’ll wear it, today” I speak out loud. My wife looks at me and smiles.

So I open the wardrobe and there She is: my latest jacket.

I pull out the wooden hanger: my left hand grabs the right sleeve and my fingers start moving. I absorb the sensations that smoothness can give: a perfect balance between wool, Kashmir and camel hair.

Then I wear it: so comfy …

I’m a little proud. I’ve always been. Lucky I can still count on Italian skills.

Moving out of my bedroom, my wife reminds me, laughing, that I’m wearing the jacket on my pyjama.

“I know” I say while opening the front door and taking a long and deep breath.

Then, my head turns slowly towards the roof of the factory. A thin trickle of smoke comes out from the tall chimney.

“A new day. Let’s move”

Luciano Barbera
March, 2011

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