Wednesday, 20 April 2011

M/M Jean-Claude Biver CEO of Hublot presents Voilà le petit mot du jour

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Written by Jean-Claude Biver for Manner of Man Magazine.

Voilà le petit mot du jour:

Just went through a tour of our manufacture with some visitors

Realized one more time how important it is to have its own manufacture

Not just because it provides you with production capacity, or production autonomy

The major asset of a manufacture is that it gives you independence in your creativity

You can develop your own ideas and have them realized and later on produced in quantities

While when you don't have these production capacities, you have to buy from third part

And then you buy their creativity and not yours

Our manufacture through gives innovation, creativity, substance and authenticity to the brand

Finally one can say that a manufacture gives value to the product and that's what our customers need and want from us

Value for today and tomorrow

Jean-Claude Biver

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