Friday, 1 July 2011

M/M Interview with Barclay Fryery

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This exclusive interview with Barclay Fryery was conducted by Nicola Linza and Cristoffer Neljesjö in Greenwich, Connecticut during May 2011

Interview with Barclay Fryery

Why did you become a designer?

I became a designer because I love working with beautiful things -- making something from nothing...

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is simple, clean and not too precious.

You can design one interior anywhere in the world without budget constraints. What is it?

If I could design any place in the world without budget constraints - it would be an old palace I discovered a few years ago in Fez, Morocco -- divine!

If you could have your portrait done by an artist of any time who does it? Where does the completed picture hang?

I would adore my portrait done by Michaelangelo as a giant sketch!

It is 1970 we are meeting up at a party that Luchino Visconti is having in Rome. What are you wearing? In addition, whom do you want to meet?

In the 70's at Visconti's party I would dress up like Casanova from the Fellini film and want to hang with Gina Lollabrigida!

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