Saturday, 1 October 2011

M/M Interview with Karl-Friedrich Scheufele

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This exclusive interview with Karl-Friedrich Scheufele was conducted by Nicola Linza and Cristoffer Neljesjö in Geneve, Switzerland.

Interview with Karl-Friedrich Scheufele

What does Chopard mean to you?

Chopard stands for: creativity, innovation, craftsmanship, family company, tradition, long term approach, independence and social commitment.

How would you describe your management style?

Chopard is a family owned and run company. Apart from an overall, shared responsibility as board members, Scheufele family members each have specific areas, which they manage directly, based on their expertise, on a day to day basis. In my case, this is for example Chopard Manufacture in Fleurier, our movement factory in the Jura. My management style can be described as team oriented, trying to bring out everyone’s talent.

If you could give one word of advice regarding marketing a luxury brand today what would it be?

Stay true to your claim, in other words: keep your promises, pay attention to quality in every sense of the word and respect your tradition. Always consider the long-term value of your brand when taking marketing decision.

You select one piece from the history of Chopard as a prized personal item. What is it? And why?

This would certainly be the first Chopard L.U.C watch, launched in 1997, animated by the first in-house movement or calibre, the L.U.C 1.96. This L.U.C 1860 model initiated a major development, the renaissance of Chopard Manufacture, a major step towards further independence of our group. Since then we have introduced 9 base calibres with a total of 50 different variations all the way to the most complicated L.U.C made so far – the L.U.C All in One!

What is a good description of the Chopard man?

The Chopard “man” is not a follower; he is more of a discerning, genuine connoisseur with his own opinion who truly appreciates quality, design and craftsmanship in its own right.

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