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M/M Leonardo da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan

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Aground-breaking examination of the period that fundamentally changed Leonardo’soutlook and his legacy

By Luke Syson with contributions by LarryKeith,
Arturo Galansino, Antonio Mazzotta, Minna Moore Ede,
Scott Nethersole, and Per Rumberg

­Featuring the recently authenticated Salvator Mundi ­

LEONARDO DA VINCIPainter at the Court of Milan focuses on a crucial period in the 1480s and 1490s when, asa salaried court artist to Duke Ludovico Sforza in the city-state of Milan, Leonardo produced some of the most celebrated—and influential—work of hiscareer. The Last Supper, his two versions of The Virgin of the Rocks,and the beautiful portrait of Ludovico's mistress, Cecilia Gallerani (TheLady with an Ermine), were paintings that set a new standard for his Milanese contemporaries. Leonardo's style was magnified, through collaboration and imitation, to become the visual language of the regime, and by the time hereturned to Florence in 1500, his status had been utterly transformed.

Thisground-breaking book and the landmark exhibition it accompanies offer the rareopportunity to examine a significant number of Leonardo’s works —including the recently “rediscovered” painting SalvatorMundi—which help shed light on the artist’s ideals of beauty, his understanding of how mind influences body, his theories of character and expression.


Luke Syson is Curator of Italianpaintings before 1500 and Head of Research at the National Gallery, London.

Larry Keith, Arturo Galansino, Antonio Mazzotta, Minna Moore Ede,Scott Nethersole,
and Per Rumberg are all present or formermembers of staff at the National Gallery, London.

ISBN:978-1-85709-491-6 $65.00 Cloth
320 pages
255 color + 11 b/willustrations

Accompanies the exhibition currently on view at
The National Gallery,London
November 9, 2011 to
February 5, 2012

Published by
National Gallery Company/
YaleUniversity Press


National GalleryTechnical Bulletin
Volume 32: Leonardo da Vinci: Pupil, Painter, and Master

Ashok Roy, Series Editor
With contributions by Rachel Billinge, Jill Dunkerton, Larry Keith,Antonio Mazzotta,
Rachel Morrison, David Peggie, Ashok Roy, Peter Schade, and Marika Spring

Published toaccompany the highly anticipated exhibition Leonardo da Vinci: Painter atthe Court of Milan at the National Gallery, London, this extended volume ofthe Technical Bulletin documents new research undertaken on the life andwork of Leonardo. It includes an analysis of his time in Verrocchio's workshop,where he adopted the new technique of oil painting; an article on the recentconservation and redisplay of the London version of The Virgin of the Rocks;and examples of Leonardo's painting practice and influence while he was courtpainter to the Duke of Milan, Ludovico Sforza.


Ashok Roy, Rachel Morrison, David Peggie, and Marika Spring are all staff members ofthe National Gallery Scientific Department; Rachel Billinge, Jill Dunkerton, and Larry Keith are all staff members of the National GalleryConservation Department; Peter Schadeis staff member of the National Gallery Framing Department; Antonio Mazzotta was formerlycuratorial assistant at the National Gallery.

National Gallery Technical Bulletin,Volume 32: Leonardo da Vinci: Pupil, Painter, and Master
Editor: Ashok Roy ▪ ISBN: 978-1-85709-530-2 ▪ $70.00 Paper ▪ 112pages ▪ 169 color illustrations