Thursday, 29 August 2013

M/M Quarterly Issue No. 3: September 2013

Manner of Man Magazine
Quarterly Issue No. 3: September 2013

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Table of Contents

The Brand: Manner of Man

Interview with Craig Bodeker
A conversation about Truth

Picasso and Truth

Interview with Karl Denninger
Discusses his view on global economic threats and 
the financial stability of America and Europe

Truth by Mario Buatta

From Industrial to Artisan: Modernism’s Sleight-of-Hand

Artists and Amateurs Etching in Eighteenth-Century France

Interview with Marco Pietropoli
London wealth adviser reviews current state of economic stability, 
comments on the derivative and bond markets, gold, real estate, and
the future economic path of the Western world

Medieval Treasures from Hildesheim at the Metropolitan Museum

Interview with Bill Still
Provides his views on policy, the US gold standard, financial threats facing
the Western world currently, and comments on the Edward Snowden affair

Gracious Privilege

REINRASSIG – Purebred Style