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Manner of Man Magazine

Issue No.1 : 2020

Table of Contents

Renaissance Watercolours: from Dürer to van Dyck

Caravaggio-Bernini. Baroque in Rome

Interview with Noah Carl

Masterpiece by Rembrandt pupil Willem Drost

The Met’s Renovated Galleries for British Decorative Arts and Design

Gerhard Richter: Painting After All

Gerhard Richter: Painting After All - Monograph

Interview with Vladimir Kanevsky

Porcelain Flowers

The Treasure of a Persian Princess: A Chinese Porcelain Dish from The Al Thani Collection

Francis Bacon: Late Paintings

I. Lucifer – Exploring the Archetype and Origins of the Devil

Black Square

Interview with Dimitri Yerasimos (aka Dimitri from Paris)

America’s Impressionism: Echoes of a Revolution

Issue No.1 : 2019

Table of Contents

PARALLELS: Gustav Vigeland and his Contemporaries

The Florentine Sculptor Bertoldo di Giovanni

Buried by Vesuvius: Treasures from the Villa dei Papiri

Interview with Brian J. McCarthy

Furusiyya: The Art of Chivalry between East and West

Arts of Islamic Lands: Selections from The al-Sabah Collection

Gorham Silver: Designing Brilliance 1850 - 1970

Interview with Jeffrey Herman

Weng Family Collection of Chinese Painting: Family and Friends

Chinese Architecture – A History

Arts of Korea

Manet: Three Paintings from the Norton Simon Museum

The Wondrous Cosmos in Medieval Manuscripts

Interview with Simon Harrison

Rendezvous in Paris: Picasso, Chagall, Modigliani & Co.

Miss Ima Hogg & Modernism

Period Rooms at Bayou Bend

Issue No.2 : 2018

Table of Contents


The Quiet Russan Science Renaissance

The Constitution of Ancient China

I am Ashurbanipal: King of the World, King of Assyria

Interview with Charlie Siem

Celebrating Tintoretto

Living with Leonardo

In Praise of Painting: Dutch Masterpieces at The Met

Interview with Alexander Klingspor

Andy Warhol – From A to B and Back Again

Implicit Tensions: Mapplethorpe Now

Epic Abstraction: Pollock to Herrera

Interview with Thomas Pheasant

In Memoriam: Mario Buatta

Issue No.1 : 2018

Table of Contents
Elegance in the Sky: The Architecture of Rosario Candela

Interview with Andrew Lauren

Frederic Church: A Painter’s Pilgrimage

Mount Wutai

Nordic Art 1880-1940

Interview with Oscar Magnuson

Louvre Abu Dhabi

Mirroring China’s Past: Emperors, Scholars and Their Bronzes

Interviews from the Short Century

Masterpieces of French Faience: Selections from the Sidney R. Knafel Collection

Interview with Olivier de Sagazan

Monsters and Myths

In all chaos…

Interview with Kevin Shipp

Special Edition : 2017

The Meaning of Life

H.R.H. Prince Khalid bin Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud

François Catroux

Alessio Nanni

David de Rothschild

Richard Dawkins

Stefano Serafini

Stein Erik Hagen

Foster Friess

Peder Lamm

Issue No.2 : 2017

Table of Contents
Interview with Florian Homm

“Strategy, without information…” - Maj. Gen. William J. Donovan

The Best of the Best: The MQJ Collection of Ming Furniture


Interview with Juan Pablo Molyneux

10th Century Chinese Painting Riverbank from Oscar L. Tang

Chinese Painting and Its Audiences

Michelangelo: Divine Draftsman and Designer

Interview with Jean-Louis Deniot

Traditional Chinese Architecture: Twelve Essays

Feast Your Eyes: A Taste for Luxury in Ancient Iran

Murillo: The Self-Portraits

Interview with Nicola Samorì

An Artistic Act of Cannibalism - Nicola Samorì

Turf Wars: The Lawn under Fire - by Lang Phipps

A Place to Call Home - Tradition, Style and Memory in the New American House

Interview with Robert Cain

“You have to take the initiative…” - H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

The London Book Launch of the MQJ Collection of Ming Furniture

In Memoriam: David Robert Somerset, 11th Duke of Beaufort

Issue No.1 : 2017

Table of Contents

The Brand: Manner of Man

Zurbarán Masterpieces on Loan from Auckland Castle

Interview with Alain Elkann

Divine Encounter: Rembrandt’s Abraham and the Angels

Manner of Man Private Concert

Inside the Hôtel de Feuquières of Robert de Balkany

Interview with François Catroux

Roomscapes - The Decorative Architecture of Renzo Mongiardino

Andre Pater - A Matter of Light

“Beauty and the devil are the same thing” - Robert Mapplethorpe

Interview with Edward Mapplethorpe

The Wagstaff Collection of Photographs

“He will win who knows how to handle both superior and inferior forces” - Sun Tzu

New Terrains: American Paintings from the Richard M. Scaife Bequest

Interview with Pieter Tham

Andrew Wyeth: In Retrospect

“Taste is a beautiful thing” - Angelo Donghia

The Story of Handmade American Quality - Mercer & Sons

Interview with Jan-Carl Adelswärd

Time and Cosmos in Greco-Roman Antiquity 

The Giacometti of Hubert de Givenchy

Interview with Bruce Hodgson

Special Edition Christmas Issue 2016

Thoughts on the Election and the Future

Table of Contents

The Brand: Manner of Man

Ronald Reagan Inaugural Address

Merlin Hanbury-Tracy, 7th Baron Sudeley, F.S.A

Theodore Roosevelt Malloch

Kjell A. Nordström

Lord Gerald Fitzalan Howard

James Carafano

Count Ian Wachtmeister

Lang Phipps

Gregory Lauder-Frost, F.S.A. Scot

Henry Hopwood-Phillips

Johan Hakelius

Charles Beauclerk, Earl of Burford

Scott McConnell

Lars Bern

Jared Taylor

Issue No.2 : 2016

Table of Contents

The Brand: Manner of Man

In Memoriam: Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, 6th Duke of Westminster, 1951 - 2016

Pierre Gouthère: Virtuoso Gilder at the French Court


It’s Marvellous To Be Back In A Civilised Landscape

Interview with Lang Phipps

“The meaning of life is just to be alive” – Alan Watts

Guido Cagnacci’s Masterpiece The Repentant Magdalene

Interview with Jacobo Fitz-James Stuart Martínez de Irujo, 23rd Count of Siruela

أقل الناس سروراً الحسود

The Art of the Qur’an: Treasures from the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts

The Chronicle of Horse in Art

“We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell.” – Oscar Wilde

The Grammar of Ornament

The Frick Announces Gift of Rare Eighteenth-Century Du Paquier Porcelain

Valentin de Boulogne: Beyond Caravaggio

Issue No.1 : 2016

Table of Contents

The Brand: Manner of Man

Interview with Charles Beauclerk, Earl of Burford

The First Four Folios of Shakespeare’s Collected Works

The Gardens of Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild

From SÈVRES to Fifth Avenue: French Porcelain at The Frick Collection

Van Dyck: The Anatomy of Portraiture

The Antiques Fair in Brösarp

In Celebration of Paul Mellon

The Enemy

WATTEAU’S SOLDIERS – Scenes of Military Life in 18th Century France

Vigée Le Brun: Woman Artist in Revolutionary France

Pergamon and the Hellenistic Kingdoms of the Ancient World

Painting with Words: Gentleman Artists of the Ming Dynasty

أشد الفاقة عدم العقل

The Lost Symphony: Whistler and the Perfection of Art

Gracious Privilege

Issue No.2 : 2015

Table of Contents

The Brand: Manner of Man

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

Interview with Bruce Boucher

Sargent: Portraits of Artists and Friends

Pattern, Colour, Light: Architectural Ornament in the Near East (500-1000)

Interview with Lars Bern

Masterpieces of Chinese Painting from the Metropolitan Collection

The Royal Hunt: Courtly Pursuits in Indian Art

101 boulevard Haussmann, 75008 Paris. Circa 1960

The Wrath of the Gods: Masterpieces by Rubens, Michelangelo and Titian

Side-by-Side with Gun and Dog

Spectacular Sporting Scenes and Calamitous Crashes of Illustrator Paul Brown

“Make America Great Again” – Donald Trump

Christie’s Asian Art Week

The Metropolitan Museum’s Venetian Sculpture Gallery

Gracious Privilege

Issue No.1 : 2015
Table of Contents

The Brand: Manner of Man

Interview with Jared Taylor

Portrait of Renzo Mongiardino by Derry Moore, 12th Earl of Drogheda

Metropolitan Museum Shows Rare Ancient Roman Glass Vessels

The Collection of Robert Hatfield Ellsworth

Interview with Tony Kubalak

Art as History: Calligraphy and Painting as One

“Cynicism is intellectual dandyism” – George Meredith

Sporting Accoutrements: The Still Lifes of Henry Koehler

The Winchester Bible: A Masterpiece of Medieval art

Aristocratic Savoir Faire

NSLM Announces New Series Sporting Conversations

The Coward? The Rise and Fall of the Silver King

Smithsonian’s Freer Gallery of Art to Close for Major Renovations

Discovering Japanese Art: American Collectors and the Met

Gracious Privilege

Issue No.2 : 2014

Table of Contents

The Brand: Manner of Man

A “New” Rembrandt at Joslyn Art Museum, Conserved Portrait of Dirck van Os Unveiled

Interview with Antoine Jeancourt-Galignani

A Concert in Heaven

The Tragedy of Conservatism Today

“To secure peace is to prepare for war” – Carl von Clausewitz

The Role of Heredity in Politics

In Memoriam: Philip van Rensselaer, 1928-2014

Style in Chinese Landscape Painting: The Song Legacy

Ming Vault

Fine Art Asia to Celebrate its 10th Edition

Drawings by George Saumarez Smith

Threads of Gold: Chinese Textiles: Ming to Ching

Works of Francis Terry

Spirit Stones – The Ancient Art of the Scholar’s Rock

Contemplating Rocks – Marcus Flacks

Interview with Derry Moore, 12th Earl of Drogheda

Commemorative Landscape Painting in China

Interview with Count Ian Wachtmeister

We Are The Lions

Huntington Acquires Rare Book of 17th Century Chinese Woodblock Prints

Gracious Privilege

Issue No.1 : 2014

Table of Contents

The Brand: Manner of Man

The Hallwyl House

The American West in Bronze

Interview with Michael H. Stone, MD

Last Works of Sculptor Antonio Canova

Privacy is The Most Valuable Asset

Interview with Joel Skousen

“To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts” – Henri David Thoreau

Interview with Steve Dunn

16th century Tapestry

Interview with Raymond Bialkowski

Frozen Time by Dutch Artists

The Passions of Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux

Gracious Privilege

Quarterly Issue No. 4: December 2013

Selected Articles from the Archives

Table of Contents
The Brand: Manner of Man

Reflections of Country Life: Home Farm, Hartforth

Interview with Quinlan Terry

Interview with David de Rothschild

Editorial: Authenticity not Illusion

Interview with Ian Lundin

Interview with Alexander Stoddart

Interview with Dr. Kjell A. Nordström

The Reason for the Christmas Season is Christ

Interview with John Saladino

Interview with Mario Buatta

Interview with Francis Russell

Interview with Roger Scruton

Interview with Martin Kemp

Interview with Patrick Reynolds

Interview with Gay Talese

The Great Betrayal by Gregory Lauder-Frost

Interview with Dr. Nikos Salingaros

Interview with Jack Lenor Larsen

Interview with Joe Dallesandro

Interview with Gerard Malanga

Interview with John Stefanidis

Interview with Luca Bassani

Interview with Espen Øino

Interview with Francis Terry

Editorial: Aspirational Fantasies vs. Truth

Quarterly Issue No. 3: September 2013

Table of Contents

The Brand: Manner of Man

Interview with Craig Bodeker

Picasso and Truth

Interview with Karl Denninger

Truth by Mario Buatta

From Industrial to Artisan: Modernism’s Sleight-of-Hand

Artists and Amateurs Etching in Eighteenth-Century France

Interview with Marco Pietropoli

Medieval Treasures from Hildesheim at the Metropolitan Museum

Interview with Bill Still

Gracious Privilege

REINRASSIG – Purebred Style

Quarterly Issue No. 2: June 2013

Table of Contents

The Brand: Manner of Man

Interview with Brereton Chandler Jones

The National Sporting Library & Museum, Munnings: Out in the Open

Paul Mellon: A Manner of Man Magazine Tribute

Interview with Norman Fine

Horse Racing: Photography by Arthur Frank

Interview with Dennis Foster

Velázquez’s Portrait of Duke Francesco I d'Este

Exhibition on Unicorns in Medieval and Renaissance Art
Sotheby’s New York Important Carpets from the Collection of William A. Clark

Interview with Stephen Koob

Houghton Revisited: The Walpole Masterpieces from Catherine the Great’s Hermitage

Interview with Andrew Zega

The most signed books by George Washington to come to a single auction since 1904

Interview with George Saumarez Smith

Imperial Gothic Religious Architecture and High Anglican Culture in the British Empire

Gracious Privilege

Interview with Massimiliano Gurrieri

Quarterly Issue No. 1: March 2013

Table of Contents

The Brand: Manner of Man

Editorial: Brutal Aesthetic

Brigadier Arthur Valerian Wellesley, 8th Duke of Wellington

The Audubon Society Baby Elephant Folio Revised Edition

Interview with Olivier Camu

Bird-themed Exhibition Goes on View at Metropolitan Museum

Leaders know the battle ahead

Photography and the American Civil War April 2–September 2, 2013

Uniforms & Equipment of the British Army in World War I

Interview with Alessio Nanni

Hold The World In Your Hands, exceptional printed pocket globe
anticipated to break world record price

Interview with Mario Tavella

Masterpiece by Charles Le Brun Rediscovered at the Hôtel Ritz, Paris

The Prince of Wales backs “Best of British” manufacturing and engineering

Interview with Léon Krier

Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller portrayed by the Danish painter Thomas Kluge

Interview with David Stubbs

The Collection of The Duchess of Alba

Icon: Luchino Visconti